I’ve just finished reading John Tippett’s uplifting exposition “A philosoper’s take on economics”.

How satisfying to read a book which explains simply, logically and coherently why economies are currently failing: economic justice no longer exists. Civil freedom may have been granted to us, but we are denied economic freedom by distributional systems which pay obeisance to greed.

Tippett early on exposes the rotted carcass of modern day economics for what it is, and how those economists who tip their hats to Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations need to read his earlier The Theory of Moral Sentiments if they are to understand those preconditions which must apply for Smith’s invisible hand to function effectively.

A philosopher’s take on economics is a must-read for those who see “twenty-first century economic affairs, right across the world, are in a mess” but don’t quite understand why.

However, it will be a challenging book for financial and economic analysts to read; too challenging for most. They have so much nonsense to unlearn, and that’s always difficult.

Only Georgists will be able to place John Tippett’s thoughtful linking of philosophy to economics back into the bookshelf with their heads held high.

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