Now I hear Tasmanian local government is to go down the path of subsidising land speculators, too. Like Victoria, they’re to instigate capital improved value rating.


The “Henny Penny” syndrome has settled across local government in Australia.  I can’t believe how stupid many councillors are concerning the system of site value rating with which Australia once led the world. It’s now bad, apparently.

They all get around to local government conferences saying the same things: minimum rates and capital improved rating are the way to go.

But once investigated, they can be seen as a plot against the people.

Former Olympic runner Ron Clark, now Gold Coast mayor, actually BOASTS about how many people his council has on minimum rates. That’s the mentality of local government people!

Effectively, the minimum rate means that people with less valuable properties are SUBSIDISING those with the most valuable properties! Yes, you heard right! Subsidising them.

Councillors apparently believe dudding poorer people and cozying up to wealthy land owners is clever, because that’s the direction in which we’re headed.

It’s all done in the name of helping the ubiquitous ‘poor widow’ who apparently owns the most valuable land in every state.

Now we have Tasmania moving to reward those who don’t develop or under-develop their land, those drones who wait until a land-hungry community will eventually have to pay these parasites through the nose.

Local government needs a good shake up. It’s walking the path of a drunken sailor.

Land value rating not only does not fine people for building, extending or re-developing, but it is fair. You pay on the basis of the value of the land you withhold from the community.  Poor widows can defer their payments until they die.

But no, councils want to play God with the rating base – and offer favours to their wealthy mates. Even Labour local governments have fallen for the “poor widow” for whom the land sharks cry crocodile tears.

See Prosper Australia’s commentary too.


  1. Depends which group produced the draft report. I haven’t found the report online, but enough to say that the property council doesn’t seem to have done itself too many favours in its interactions with local government over the last year.

    I may need to go and make myself known at the local council level and get this sorted out.

  2. Haven’t heard anything about this down here. Leo Foley has nothing on it either at his site. Any guide as to where we can get further info on this?

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