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The Lands Titles Office of South Australia is the nation’s most timely in the production of real estate sales data.

The release today of South Australia’s June sales total, 4510 sales aggregating a consideration of $1,495,172,843 (for all residential, commercial, industrial and rural sales), brings the financial year to a close.

The number and value of sales are the highest for the year, but June is not uncommonly South Australia’s greatest sales month.


Month No. Value
July 3267 $1,100,444,283
Aug 3395 $1,125,757,597
Sept 3738 $1,163,015,773
Oct 3212 $993,334,293
Nov 3147 $1,039,766,644
Dec 3655 $1,273,103,908
Jan 3153 $1,059,264,428
Feb 3132 $988,340,919
Mar 3657 $1,250,436,853
Apr 3246 $1,098,745,548
May 3597 $1,151,606,949
June 4510 $1,495,172,843
Total 41709 $13,738,990,038
Mean sale $329,401

The following graph tracks the dollar value of South Australia’s real estate sales over the period of the bubble from 1999.

Following an attempted recovery in 2010, the last two years seem to confirm the end of the state’s property bubble.

South Australians should see a return to the long term trend over the next few years and much more affordable accommodation for home seekers. This is most heartening.

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  2. So tell me, why do I feel an inevitable rise in rents is going to kick us when we’re down! you are all full of shit………

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