2 thoughts on “HEH HEH! LABELS!”

  1. Or to frame it this way. W.A. Mining interests have posed a greater threat to the Australian economy than the rise of Asia, as the two-speed economy has pushed up interest rates and the dollar making manufacturing in Eastern states flee abroad. So Is W.A. in some conspiracy to make manufacturing disappear in the East, and then steal what skilled workers remain? It seems their Midas touch, has been in the newspapers of Fairfax? Have also gone to N.Z. Shareholder lobbying? I wonder. How long till we don’t have an Information media establishment in the East that has not gone the way of manufacturing. Will Aunty be next to the land of the long white cloud. Sweet mate!

  2. It would be interesting to do the same attitude survey between the five states of Australia
    No doubt their would be the usual comments from some WA Ore boss hogs who like Ostriches have their heads in their holes, I mean in the sand, I invented this term to identify them.‘phili-strine’- def-: adjective my only mistake was thinking I could share something culturally uplifting with Eastern Australians but instead I make brutish comments about those in receipt of benefits other than corporate welfare, uncultured, lowbrow, anti-intellectual, uncultivated, uncivilized, uneducated, unenlightened, commercial, materialist, bourgeois; ignorant, crass, boorish, barbarian Australian idea’s about life and wealth, and with uneducated comments calling for indentured slavery. They obviously have not read the constitution or It’s a case of huge power with brutish ignorance.

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