You must be mad!  Don’t you realise most people own their own homes these days?  That means they’d all have to pay the site rent on their land, too – along with all the big boys who have many valuable properties, and the mining billionaires, spectrum licensees, etc.

Nobody’s going to want to do that, even if not doing it did create financial collapse in the US and Europe – even if it is about to do the same in Australia.

It’s far better to have economic depression here than expect landowners to pay an all-in land tax as advocated by The Henry Tax Review – on top of their municipal rates, BTW!  …. even if the 100+ taxes Ken Henry wanted abolished were abolished.

What are you coming at?

Even if it could self-fund new infrastructure …. even if it was able to fund hospitals and education much better than damaging taxes do …. even if it could pay for a universal basic income for every Australian ….

It’s just not on.

Even if taxation does add to prices by cascading its deadweight right throughout the economy …. even if it did mean wage earners and businesses could keep all they earned …. even if it did mean we’d never experience another recession …. even if it is cheap and easy to collect because land can’t flee the country …. and even if a current site value has been put on every block of land in Australia…. even ….

Um …. Where do I sign up?




  1. Sure, people will come at it. But it’s a touchy, emotional subject, and a discussion about it can very easy ‘touch the third rail’.

    At the heart of it, you are asking people to give away / sell the inherent / accepted security of a known payment or price in exchange for an uncreditable cornucopia of blessings, for which the evident compromises are dismissed with ‘she’ll be right’, ‘it all works for the common good’, etc.

    It is a superb concept, no doubt. It also has some holes that need patching, and a deeply embedded opposition.

    Pushing unsubstantiated and illogical stuff like ‘there will never be another recession’, alongside the evident benefits has the effect of making the whole thing less credible.

  2. Its mass Stockholm tax syndrome promoted over decades by the media as cognitive dissonance and learned helplessness. The delusion is that captivity and subsidies to rent seekers and speculators is our freedom. Their our friends and are protecting the economy.
    Its no different to a religious cult, were everyone at different levels in the hierarchy have
    A form of mind control that keeps them in their place and serving compartmentalised
    In their rigid thinking that they are serving the whole, and that exploitation is needed
    To leverage the success of everyone. The secular state and economics is a Cult.

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