The Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) and their mate Wendell Cox from Demographia would probably call these people whingers, because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with urban sprawl nor its lack of infrastructure. People choosing to live in the sprawl are happy, they say.

Oh, and as for Lucy Turnbull’s idea of capturing some of the uplift in land values to pay for the provision of necessary capital works in these new locations, forget it, says the IPA.
You see, the IPA gets part of its funding from Gina Rinehart, so she who pays the piper will obviously call the tune.
I think Gina may have a bit of influence on Tony Abbott, too:-

2 thoughts on “THEY SHOULD BE GRATEFUL!”

  1. Thanks Bryan, for using the 2:Kings KJVB quote in a post. Its Interesting that the failure of the implementation of the capture of the land tax led to captivity to Babylon taken by Nebuchadnezzar. Perhaps it’s a fable for our economy, that the south east has been besieged or taken into captivity by the W.A mining Kings who have acted like Nebuchadnezzar, taking the dollar and manufacturing to ransom after the suit-ans or little (satans) of real estate have made a pile in asset inflation of bidding up property to dizzy heights, and to their siege and causing the captivity to their interests above and beyond the wellbeing of cost of living for households. They have besieged the interest rates and finance tools to serve their sector of mining and finance, and gone against the creator, those who produce things and are creative in the economy. So who is our type of Jehoiakim? Our head of government perhaps? Kings 2 Chapter 24:1 ‘Who became his servant three years’ when they made themselves the true government of their Empire of dirt, the mining Oligarchy or Nebuchadnezzars of WA. As for fairness, Australians are alienated from correct definition of fairness or skewed the term. St Thomas Aquinas taught that ‘A contract is fair when both parties gain from it equally’. Instead we have the master servant model that it is fair when one consents to one side getting the rake off, while the other gets the paltry wage. Has substituted fair for meaning Ruthless, over embattled and over- competitive. Now the rich are feeling smug & superior & nervous, the poor are angry & prone to outrage, as seen in the occupy protests, and the stage is ideal for a ruthless leader who thrives on emotional & economic insecurity of the population demanding answers & benefits to prevent the disintegration of their standard of living and of the general commonwealth. I think that ruthless leader may be Tony!?

  2. And with all that mortgage stress comes poor food choices from a stressed household budget & the poor thinking that complements the nutrient deficiency poor diet, stress, over worked resulting in the epidemic of frayed short nerves & Hemorrhoid rage on our roads, that uncomfortable feeling that you bought at the peak housing prices and they are falling, and foreboding soreness that has you wriggling in the car seat, when in furious tones you hear that infrastructure for a growing population trying to make ends meet has been mothballed and recession austerity will be the norm for the next fifteen years in Victoria as neither neo-liberal governments flirting with PPP’s has brought about any rise in the standard of living, but has created a class war of travel & mobility, with toll-booth on ability to pay to get from A to B, which means many people are giving up using their cars, which sit on blocks at home, like the depression, and some forgo as much travel as possible due to skyrocketing petrol prices and blatant revenue grabs on fines, It’s the soreness from sitting too long and too many hours trapped in peak hour traffic to get to the fringes of the city. Perhaps the enema of the real-estate industry has finally arrived, So bend over and take what’s coming developers from the GFC double dip, its time for
    A tax audit to abolish negative gearing tax breaks with a forensic rubber glove. Excuse my pun intended

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