Tom Paine didn’t think the way we do. Henry George didn’t think the way we do. Many of the world’s social philosophers didn’t think that way either. The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of humanity does think the way we do.

It’s that royalty, rulers and the social elite have a right to expropriate unto themselves most of the economic rent generated by we underlings. We don’t complain. Some of us want to be taxed more “for the betterment of society”.

On the other hand, Tom Paine, Henry George and the great social philosophers thought that instead of taxing people, the rent of land (to which they believed everybody is equally entitled) should be distributed as a universal income. How quaint!

Royalty, rulers, and the social elite don’t like this idea, and neither does the vast majority of humanity.

We believe we don’t deserve it. We mightn’t keep working for them. We might become parasites. It’s not on.

We’d better keep going the way we are. Allowing the rent of land to be privatised by our betters and having our wages and goods taxed instead.