Absolutely nothing?

Not on your Nellie! It’s used by ‘smart’ political leaders locked into serving the ruling elite and its financial model, instead of addressing essential economic reform.

The need for war is basically a “Look over there!” tactic to unite countries bifurcated into haves and have-nots as in the imperial WWI obscenity whose terms of settlement resulted directly in WWII. Resistance to the idea is simply painted as ‘communist’, so that war becomes a test of patriotism. It’s therefore a win/win tactic for corrupt political leaders and is virtually impossible to resist.

Look around. Do you see the middle class dissolving as the nation divides into a uber-wealthy 0.1% and the 99.9% indebted and poor? Let’s just forget trying to repair the political division developing over who gets what! OK? So, wealth distribution needs fixing with a big diversion.

Look at what China’s been doing! “Belt and road” indeed! It’s getting its fingers into too many pies! It may not have waged wars against countries other than those on its borders—Japan, Tibet and India—but is there any doubt at all that it’s aiming to replace the United States of America as the world’s leading economy! Pax America to become Pax Sinae? No way! This is obviously a fight between democracy and communism – and any treasonous resister will receive a white feather!

But look, we won’t go to war just yet. Let’s start things happening with a little trade war?

That seems to be our future, unfortunately.

The logic is irresistible, isn’t it?

I’d better get ready to wave my flag.