Dissatisfaction with Australia’s politicians appears to have hit a new high, with more and more people realising both sides of politics listen more to privileged and corporate interests than they do to everyday Australians. As banks, monopolies and hangers-on do exceptionally well, it’s become nakedly obvious that the vast majority isn’t winning in this devastating ‘game of mates’.

The dissatisfaction promises change.

It’s arguable, however, that it has ever been thus: that our ‘betters’ have always thought of people as the ‘mob’, and that a democracy where the generality of people influence political decisions, would be a great threat to their interests. Is change even possible?

But cynicism about political corruption and fraud has reached epic proportions. The divide and rule nature of the political system is daily exposed, and it’s only the absolutely welded-on can still look upon their chosen political party with respect as rent-seekers are permitted to run amok.

Let’s hope this burgeoning awareness translates to real political change.

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