We all have a right to private property.

Yes! However, land rent is not the private property of a group of individuals nor of any segment of society, as are wages and earned profits.

Land rent is owed equally to everybody because it is created by society as a whole, not by any individuals. Permanently remove people from a city and it will become worthless.

Those who equate exclusive possession of real estate title with the right to its rent as private property are sorely mistaken. When this belief becomes ensconsed in a nation, equality of opportunity is denied to people and their economy. This generates poverty.

The character of a nation is measured by the quantum of rent it captures for its people .

There are no nations stepping up to the human right criterion of equality of opportunity by collecting the land rent for its people. Permitting economic rent to be privatised explains the continuing existence of poverty within otherwise wealthy countries.

There is much needs doing in this connection.


An equation helping to explains this further is to be found at the heart of Henry George’s great “Progress and Poverty“.