If you’ve not noticed, I’m a Georgist.

Getting into conversation with others on social, financial or economic matters, I try to stick to the matter under discussion.

The conversation occasionally ends with me accused of being a communist.

It’s becoming quite a binary-divided world: If you’re happy with things the way they are, it seems you’re OK; if you have more progressive ideas and want to see significant changes made, then you’re a communist.

McCarthyism didn’t die out with the death of Joe McCarthy: McCarthyism most certainly lives!

There’s little doubt the world was a little more progressively Georgist during what many say was capitalism’s most productive, least corrupt period the “Progressive Era” circa 1900-1925. Most taxes came from real estate values. Today they’re only 10%

The Progressive Era was communist?

I’ve noticed the epithet usually comes from Libertarians clinging to the neoclassical model. It seems we have all the liberty, the freedom, we need.

Now, now boys!