Let’s get one thing straight. Yes, we do need economic reform.

But we’re political parties, right? So, we’ve got to recognise that politics is the art of the possible. No big stuff that might scare people.

Certainly no gunning for the 0.1%: banks, monopolies, and the uber-wealthy operatives who expropriate the greater part of our land rents owed equally to all citizens. OK? You didn’t respond. I asked “OK?”

They have the media in tow, you see, so it’d be political suicide to go after them. You understand that, right? i.e. Keep schtum about such things as super-profits, economic rents and unearned incomes. After all, who’s to say what’s actually “unearned”?

So, nothing at all about an all-in land tax, payment of the annual ground rent or High Techs renting their share of the electromagnetic spectrum. They’re real “no-nos”: understand?

Alright, yes, taxes on land values can’t be evaded because land can’t be sent overseas to tax havens, but that’s why we tax earned incomes and goods and services, you see? The 0.1% can avoid those, and that mechanism’s got to be allowed to remain for them – for the likes of Donald Trump, &c. I mean, we may talk and rage about Trump’s tax peccadillos, but for God’s sake don’t suggest that we tax land values instead! What would the property lobby have to say about that? “Taxing little old ladies out of their homes“, etc. You can just imagine those headlines!

So, there’s a multitude of small targets we may pursue.

“Like what?” Like just about anything else, of course!