But banks, miners and the 0.1% liked it, and they got used to it.

What ever became of “The labourer is worthy of his hire“?

Oh, he’s certainly worth of some of his hire.

Maybe there’d not be enough ‘revenue’ from land and resource-based charges?

Wrong! There’s more than enough. Homeowners privatise the rent into gargantuan land prices; banks then ‘lend’ against these inflated land prices to make their ‘super-profits’.

Miners, who ought to be paying 50% of their net profit (before tax) as rent for the natural resources they mine, spend $22 million in advertising to say that would be bad for us. They convince us it would be bad.

So, the 30%-40% of the economy that is our publicly-generated natural resource rent disappears into banks, to their shareholders, to miners, &c., and to homeowners. Renters meanwhile pay the landlords rates and land tax in their gross rental. That’s fair?


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