I agree, there’s a real issue with compulsory superannuation and people on lower incomes, Cassandra.

Now I hear that ACOSS wants to tax super funds’ annual increases in value, in order to make up for our falling ‘revenue’.

Sounds reasonable, but what if taxation ‘revenue’ doesn’t ‘fund’ government spending, ACOSS?

How about we just do away with compulsory super, which is just a tax rort for the wealthy–then there’s the massive amount the funds are likely to lose in about five years!–and simply provide a living wage income for everyone?

It would abolish poverty, unemployment and gig jobs, and recover much of the nation’s net income rent-grabbers expropriate unto themselves. And they grab plenty!


What planet is Greg Craven on? Here he was this morning with Geraldine Doogue on ABC radio blaming the university victim.

It all went wrong, Greg Craven, when neoliberal economists decided universities were costing too much. They had to do more research and charge higher fees: “They had to get into the real world.” So here we are in the real world with high fee-paying international students no longer able to be bled dry by Australian universities because of the COVID-19 restrictions.

The template we applied was always going to fail.

Universities are here to impart knowledge–including the benefits of taxing away economic rent instead of incomes, goods and exchange, BTW!–and must be properly funded.

Here’s some news for you, Greg Craven: our taxes ‘fund’ nothing–they’re intended to protect the currency–and deficit budgets don’t amount to ‘national debt’. Too much to comprehend?