We’ve been absolutely inundated with TV accounts of Hitler and WWII. But I’ll bet you’ve never once heard the reasons for Hitler’s rise?

Did you know, for example:

  1. That following the introduction of the rentenmark in 1923, the German ‘recovery’ from hyperinflation immediately moved into corruption and speculative land price bubbles?
  2. In 6 years, land prices rose by 500% in Hamburg, and between 700% and 100% in Berlin.
  3. It was “good business” to be on terms with the Berlin City Council regarding proposed new train lines. Corruption ruled.
  4. In fact, if you were in the know with Berlin’s traffic dictator, he’d let slip details about Alexander Platz being extended and to have a giant underground station built beneath it.
  5. It was complete speculative madness, and land speculators could double or treble their fortunes overnight.
  6. This came at a vast price for ordinary Germans who, seeing and suffering from all the political corruption, sought relief from a saviour.

Guess who, mateys?

When do we get to hear this story? It’s all here: written by a bloke who witnessed it and was jailed by the Nazis.

Sort of reflects what’s been happening here recently, doesn’t it?

But world political systems aren’t running awry like that today ………….. er, are they?

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