The worldwide festering political split can only be mended by recognising that humanity has a common interest in the social surplus being shared by everybody, not just the few.

The point has become lost on the left, right and centre of the political spectrum.

Economic rent is the surplus generated in the productive process by public initiative rather than by private investment. It therefore belongs equally to all, not just to rent-seeking privateers, including banking, mining and other monopolies.

Whereas private property has been produced by individuals and companies, the economic rent of land has not and should not be confused with ‘private property’. But it has been confused, and therein lies the genesis of the widening social schism.

We recognised the case for public capture and distribution of publicly-created rent during the Progressive Era (1897 to 1930) without the label ‘communist’ being dropped on it, as by rent expropriating interests today.

The times they need a-mending.