Somewhere, sometime there’ll be an awakening to the criminality of not taxing away the annual rent of land and other natural resources, instead of taxing wages. Yes ….. criminality.

That’s because we’ll come to see that not to do so creates poverty.

We’ll understand the sanctity of ‘private property’ does not apply to the rent of land.

It will be a revelation to many – just as the sexual abuse of children was a revelation to the many who knew nothing about it – but, as with sexual abuse, some on both sides of the equation do already know about it.

The privatisation of publicly-generated economic rent isn’t spoken of in ‘the best of circles’: that it has put the vast majority into a form of wage slavery only a little superior to chattel slavery; that it is permitted to continue to shrink the lives of this vast majority from what may have blossomed from them; that it sends people off to wars over land and natural resources.

Until that day ……………. all the best!