Thanks for telling me what I knew in January 2019, Prime Minister Morrison. Australia is in recession. Yes, Covid-19 has exacerbated it, but it was on the way, anyhow, with the bursting of the land price bubble in 2018.

That’s because you, Mr Morrison, and the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Albanese, our political parties in general, are too timorous to call out Australia’s rent-seeking in escalating land prices. Our first peoples understand that land rent is common property, not private property.

Now you’re stuck with the BS that Australia must issue bonds to pay for your ‘pandemic’ recession. The government could simply have spent the job-keeper and job-seeker money into existence. There’s a far better way of supporting people and businesses, too: a living wage universal basic income. That’s if you have the guts, and also to stop taxing earned incomes and goods and services, and instead start taxing land values.

But you don’t have the guts to educate people to these economic realities. Here they are in simple words you might understand. Not interested? Thought not!

It’s ‘too difficult’ for any party to do the right thing. “We’d get slaughtered at the next election, so we’ve got to keep support banking and other monopoly interests, at least until we have the financial depression that they’ve been busy creating!”