….. is likely to come from:

  1. people who have closed minds to new ideas
  2. rent-seekers who realise a universal income is a direct deduction from the unearned economic rent they’re now receiving
  3. those people wrongly believing we need a pool of unemployment to curb inflation (NAIRU)
  4. bureaucrats administering the current welfare system
  5. those who don’t want the current income tax (and transfer) regime to be undermined by a universal income
  6. those believing people will become ‘couch potatoes’ and not want to work given greater freedom to choose what they want to do
  7. sundry others

Are these reasons sufficient to reject a universal income that will abolish poverty and the charity industry – by permanently assisting those most in need?

Of course, there is the essential corollary that a universal income needs to be supported by the taxing of land values to curb inflation – instead of inflation-adding income taxes, sales taxes and escalating land prices.