I wouldn’t be surprised if Ivermectin also deals with the Omicron ‘variant’ of the pandemic virus.

The atrocious banning of Ivermectin, a drug that’s been around for 40 years, has meant that some people have died unnecessarily from the virus. (Why ban its use for hospitalised vaccinated cases, guys? You have something better?)

But I musn’t be permitted to say this publicly if people are to become vaccinated.

I suppose it’s not unlike an economist mentioning that the ideas of Henry George would remedy socio-economic boom-bust cycles, stagnant wages, increasing poverty and private debt: it mustn’t be said! That would dismiss the opinions of ‘expert economists’, challenge monopolies, and might even be the thin edge of the wedge of putting an end to oligarchs calling the shots via their beholden media.

It’s just not done!

Kowtowing to every aspect of modern medicine and big pharma clearly parallels rigged tax regimes to which economists, accountants and lawyers have been prepared to sign up and adjust to rather than speak out against. Both have their shameful aspects. We need to accede to these?

That might be dangerous – to say the least!