1. Ross Stevenson and John Burns spoke to “Murrindindi” on 3AW’s breakfast program this morning.  Controversially, he said people can’t  ‘own’ land.  In this he is on song with the first peoples of all nations – for that matter with the Bible of Jews and Christians. “The profit of the earth is for all.” (Ecclesiastes 5:9)The land shall not be sold …” (Leviticus 25:23).  Land may certainly be held exclusively upon payment of its rent: it should never be sold, and may never really be ‘owned’. It is what we earn that is our ‘private property’.

Ignoring fundamental morality provides deep insights into unsustainable levels of private debt, and helps explain floundering world economies.  It’s basic stuff really, but we choose to ignore it.

2.   Strangely, I also find myself on side with trucking magnate, Lindsay Fox, who today bemoaned the increase in Melbourne’s road tolls. His drivers will have to seek ‘rat runs’ in order to avoid the tolls, he says.  So will many of the poor, Lindsay.

Whatever happened to the age-old principle of the freedom of our highways and byways?  Seems it’s not only highwayman Dick Turpin who overthrew this fundamental condition of civil society? Transurban is ripping us off without mercy, by putting the toll gun to the heads of most Australians.

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