Jesus here, Christians. You’re a really stupid lot, aren’t you? You’ve missed my point entirely.

I didn’t come here to start a new religion, abolish the law, or forget the prophets, but to try to enforce the key message that, though it runneth through the Bible, you ignore. That is, that land shall not be sold because you’re all just passing through. Remember? The rent of the Earth is for everyone, not just the 0.1%. Remember?

You seem to forget the only time I ever got really pissed off was when I kicked those usurious rent-seeking bastards out of the Temple because they were buying and selling land there, and defying the Mosaic Law – feigning to ‘forget’ that labourers are worthy of their hire by ripping them off.

I died for your sins? You’ve got to be kidding, guys! I died because those high priest property speculators hated (a) my message they shouldn’t be laying field to field and (b) the treatment I meted out to them in the Temple! In the Temple of all places! At least your new high priests haven’t the front to do it in there anymore …..

I brought a fundamental lesson with me, for Jews and for you lot, but unfortunately everyone’s become lost in their own religious bullshit, obfuscating what I was really on about. It was basic stuff: you can’t love people, or you neighbour, when you rip them off.

OK, so for breaking the natural laws of economics once again in such a big way (id est, with these incredible land prices that wouldn’t exist under a land rental), you’re really in for it this time! Visiting another economic depression on you lot might wake you up to the fact that were you to pay land rent as you should be doing, you’ll no longer have bankers’ land price debt around your necks for decades, but you’ll come to experience genuine prosperity.

Heedeth thee? Else, get thee hence!

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