1. I am so “angry” about our current situation in regards to our present speculative property market. This is further fuelled when I watch Barnaby Joyce on tonights (27. 01.17) 7:30 report have his own personal “Let them eat cake” moment about the great unwashed as opposed to the privileged elites in regards to housing, property, and jobs!To top it off Turnbull’s remark “these are only mum and dad investors” bull shit! And why do our ABC only go half the way in their reporting about the true facts of the matter. Who the hell has these journalists on a short leash? I am not a populist but I am very much a, call bullshit out when I smell it person. I admire your ( website, your commentary and the various links. I now do not feel as alone in my anger at raging against the crap we are constantly being fed through mainstream media about our economy (although said govt would have us believing we are all on the best deal ever). Sorry ABC….you are now so mainstream (Bourgeois) it “smells”. Keep up the excellent work.

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