…. our relentless descent into an economic depression.

Mainstream economists have no answers. They only display their complete impotence. Maybe if we look at what heterodox economists have to say?

TaxLandNotMan@TaxLandNotMan When you ask yourself how parts of society could be made to believe the nonsensical things they often do, just remember that our established news, education and political organizations have already convinced most people it is normal for the masses to pay the few to use land. 1:07 AM · Jun 10, 2020

Bryan Kavanagh@bryankav123· Replying to @TaxLandNotMan Yep, it’s a lonely number of people able to see high land prices as a measure of economic illness: another pandemic. Since 1974, it’s been a destroyer of productivity & wages. And businesses believing low wage growth is good for them really do need to think that one through. 10:17 AM Jun 10, 2020