What’s wrong with the statement below in this industry super fund TV advertisement?

“We’ve worked all our lives for this place. We’d hate to have to sell it to fund our retirement.”

What have we come to? How sad is it that Australians must now work all their lives to have a roof over their heads? What the hell’s wrong with the country? A home should be affordable and easily obtainable for all.

For example, when people first came to Canberra, all they had to do to was to pay five pound rental per year to obtain a residential home site.

Now, the starting price for a site in Melbourne or Sydney is about $1,000,000, although land has no cost of production! Something is awry.

And what sort of a country is Australia that we must fret about how we can possibly fund our retirement? Why do we require an army of advisers to tell us how we might be able to afford it?

Inadequate public capture of land rent explains a lot. As does superannuation funds and taxation taking more and more of our wages.

Could it be that taxes and land prices are the problem?