With respect to monopolies other than the monopoly on land, we hold that where free competition becomes impossible, as in telegraphs, railroads, water and gas supplies, etc., such business becomes a proper social function, which should be controlled and managed by and for the whole people concerned, through their proper governmental, local, state or national, as may be.

– Henry George (US Single Tax League platform, paragraph 11, 1890)

Today in the wonderful rent-seeking land of Oz, we even have privatised tollroads, Henry! So much for freedom of the highways and byways?


  1. Agree, Michael. It would be nice to think that all the rent-seeking monopolistic corporates–now including various state Titles Offices for God’s sake!–do go broke during the collapse, and that the services are returned to government hands.

  2. I remember in the Roaring 20’s, New York’s transport system was totally controlled by the ‘rent seeking’ private sector.
    During the Great Depression they all went bust and the New York City purchased back those transport systems for pennies in the dollar, returning these essential services back to public ownership.

    I can see the same happening over here now that our property bubble is on the verge of collapse.

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