Motored along to Madeline’s for an enjoyable brekky with the fambly at 9:00 am. Mucked up payment, and staff had to chase after me. As Effie would say: “How embarrassment!”

Then, ‘cos football’s such a part of this ol’ town, I sloped along with the missus in the arvo to see The Coodabeen Champions at the Playhouse. Their interviews, banter and songs have become part of the household regime during the footy season.

They were entertainment-plus again, with all those cleverly contorted lyrics – and nice to see Doug Bigelow’s “From Whence It Came” get a run. (Would’ve loved to see Champs do one more number on his 12-stringer!)

They reckon–and I agree–the Coodabeens are just about due for a run at the ‘G on Grand Final day, AFL! ¬†How ’bout it, Gillon McLachlan?

As Bob Murphy and Martin Flanagan suggested in this typically laconic footy discussion, we can do an excellent Grand Final day without having to turn it into a second-rate American NFL presentation.

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