Doesn’t the mantra “You can’t keep having economic growth on a finite planet” make you sick? It’s a cop-out that plumbs the depths of neo-Malthusian thinking.  Like the planet we, too, are finite, but we can meanwhile continue to grow until our end.  Meanwhile, trees, plants and our food sources can continue to grow and be replenished – until the planet’s end.  Meanwhile, we can continue to recycle the planet’s non-renewables.  Meanwhile, we can resume having economic growth.

Of course we can have economic growth. But not unless we abolish rent-seeking and taxation to fix the current economic impasse.

Neo-Malthusians seem to want us to adapt to the failed status quo – instead of first repairing it then reconsidering all options.  Malthus, scion of and apologist for the aristocracy had us all dead long ago.  He’s still wrong.

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