Is this difficult to imagine?

If a true economics were able to be taught in schools, a whole new world becomes possible.

A world in which publicly-generated land rents are no longer able to be privatised by land holders, banking and monopolists.

A world in which earned incomes are no longer fined by taxation.

A world in which a universal basic income is practicable, distributed as a citizens’ dividend from the economy’s net surplus.

A world where the crime of poverty is abolished.

A world in which humanity would be able to blossom, where people, properly educated, could choose either to employ themselves using their own talents, or to work in businesses freed of monopoly interests because they pay the formerly expropriated economic rents that were aided and abetted a pernicious taxation regime.

A world in which there is no further ‘wage slavery’. Is that even possible?

A world of true economics with no rent seeking, that generates wealth and freedom. An economy of abundance.

You may say that I’m a dreamer …….