There are 7.5 billion people in the world. Their leaders, Xi Jinping, Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, et al, are not one of them worth a crumpet when it comes to establishing peace, freedom and prosperity for their peoples. No matter the regime under which they operate, these and other leaders fail to interfere with the productive surplus of their economies being siphoned off by the mega rich, the 0.1%. Their peoples suffer as a result.

There are supreme ironies. Liberal democracies massacre Arabs as they charge communist leaders with breaching the human rights of their citizenry. Wars are launched for the sake of ‘freedom’, or for ‘the flag’, against vaguely defined words: ‘terrorism’, ‘corruption’ and ‘drugs’. What pathologies, pray tell, generate terrorism, corruption and the use of drugs?

Nominally dead colonialism lives on in the neocolonialism of world politics. The land-grabbling and the rent-seeking of yore continues apace and comes at extreme cost, distress and alienation to the vast majority of people.

Though economics is fundamental to human existence, only a handful of the 7.5 billion comprehend that the rent of land is theirs, equally.


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