Ayn Rand and her extreme libertarian supporters who see governments as an unnecessary and insidious part of capitalism (this would include organisations such as the US Heritage Foundation and the Australian IPA) are increasingly appalled.

They know private enterprise was lacking with the advent of the COVID-19 breakout, but are up in arms about the extent governments have stepped in to provide leadership and direction.

“This can’t be allowed to continue!”

“Look what’s happening to economies!”

People don’t matter to those organisations supporting the expropriation of economic rent in the name of ‘private property’. “Oh, yes, people serve a purpose ….” – sotto voce: “….. insofar as they’re the ones who provide our unearned income”. “But the government expenditures have got out of control, and people must be sent back to work!”

All in good time.

The extreme right sees issues only in binary terms: they see little difference between government playing an essential role in critical times and the onset of communism.

Watch out for this perspective pushing these misbegotten ideas in the name of ‘Liberty’. It represents anything but freedom and is dangerous. Beware! [….. Hello, Rupert! Hi Gina!]