2 thoughts on “CHANGE OF HEART”

  1. I think you’re right, Michael, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Turnbull try to pull some rabbit out of the hat to ensure the bubble doesn’t burst on HIS watch. I don’t know whether it’s possible now, but spending $50 billion in 2008-9 certainly worked for Swan/Rudd when our bubble didn’t burst in 2010 like elsewhere in the west. How long can governments try to continue to resist an irresistible force? The property market will deflate: the bubble must burst.

  2. All of the sudden our housing bubble and its impending demise is front page news. What do these bubble deniers all of the sudden see that they didn’t before.
    My guess it’s the beginning of the end for the 5 year period of the interest only loans that gained huge popularity back in 2012 are coming home to roost. Either priciple has now to be paid, or if you can’t afford it the house must be sold.
    My guess it’s the later and a flood of properties is about to hit the market, desperate to sell before the principal kicks in.
    Add to that all those tens of thousands of appartments hitting the market and I think even the blind can now see the coming disaster.

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