Once upon a time there was a country where all the people were extremely happy. They did things they wanted to do. Education was free. Teachers and parents were gifted at developing the attributes of their children.

Outside the cities, farmers grew fruit and vegetables and raised livestock. Delivery vehicles took food from the farms to the shops and trucks carried material to builders engaged in construction. Infrastructure was modern and extensive and rail transit was free. There were doctors and hospitals, but by and large the people in this country were very healthy. They took part in sporting and other events, had plenty of time to partake in the arts and to take holidays to foreign countries. But they loved coming back home to where their fellow countrypeople were happier and healthier, paid no taxes, and where land was free. Money was no object.

They never understood why people living in other countries didn’t tax land rents away in order to stop monopolies and corruption from developing, land prices from arising, and where interest wasn’t charged on borrowing. They were aware that some other countries were jealous of their resources and far better standard of living, so they invested in an effective people’s defence force.

Under a system of proportional representation, they elected representatives with good ideas, and lived happily ever after.

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