Australia’s total land value to GDP


As a comment on the penultimate post, AusHousingCrash recommended I update my chart of Australia’s total land prices to GDP going back to 1911.

Here ’tis.

Don’t be misled by the 2007 on the X axis, that was the peak. The last year of the graph is actually 2010.

NOTE: Over the years the average land values relationship to GDP has been about 1:1, so might I suggest 2.86 is looking a bit ‘toppy’?


2 thoughts on “Australia’s total land value to GDP”

  1. thanks for updating this Bryan, may I ask what ABS GDP measure you are using? On the 20 year graph uploaded to Wikipedia I used 5204.001 Column Z. Which yields a result of 2010 being the peak at 2.81x. (Fairly trivial in the scheme of things)

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