The good ship Australia was spoiled for a ha’rporth of tar.

From Vietnam onward, we cravenly followed Uncle Sam into any expeditionary war, because we’ve been terrified somebody may attack us. We’re fearful we can’t look after ourselves, so we need our big Uncle, you see?

Uncle is good enough to sell us much of his war weaponry, first-rate or otherwise. He sells a lot of it elsewhere, too, and has a rampant and big war machine.

Uncle used to keep his horns in, but now he’ll turn up anywhere for a fight, especially if there’s a leader to be removed for wanting to come off the dollar, or for access to oil.  Uncle used to make a lot of good stuff at home and didn’t turn warlike until Vietnam, but fighting, banking, and building up land prices,  have now become his economy.

Oz went all the way with LBJ, and now we’re still waltzing Matilda with Uncle in order to ensure the economy continues to reward parasitic rent-seeking leeches – even if it does mean the 99.9% must suffer for it.

This is not a good time for Australia.


2 thoughts on “IT’S NOT A GOOD TIME”

  1. Maybe next war our diggers will be shot dead whilst protecting the Dow Jones by Chinese bullets made from Australian iron ore.

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