A year on, this Michael Hudson video remains the best I’ve seen in summarizing the current state of western economies.

Although Hudson puts it in an amusing way, it’s no joke – it’s REAL, folks!


Is the parasitical 0.1% deliberately engineering this depression–its so-called form of “creative destruction”–because it no longer has the ability to repay its debts?

Was Alan Greenspan correct: “Household debt has created wage stability.” Is this why average real wages declined over the last 40 years and we still haven’t realised it? Many people believe average real wages HAVE risen. [Check out the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, because you can’t even get this data from the ABS!]

Have we morphed from constructive industrial capitalism into a fatal form of finance capitalism?

Is the parasites’ claim correct that further reducing wages is the ANSWER?  [They know it’s NOT!]

Will people allow the parasites to continue sucking them dry? [Apparently so!]

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