Lifting the Lid on the GFC

Last Wednesday night’s symposium “Lifting the Lid on the GFC” at the Melbourne Town Hall – with Michael Hudson, Steve Keen and me – was most enjoyable.

The meeting  was chaired by Henry George Foundation of Australia’s John Poulter, who provided nicely-researched comments about the three of us, and provided Steve Keen with some jogging shoes for his upcoming ‘bet’ trek to Koscuisko.

It was great to speak to people afterwards. Despite assertions of politicians and the media, people are becoming increasingly sceptical about the ‘relatively healthy’ state of the Australian economy in comparison with those countries whose real estate prices have already tanked . Many believe it’s only a matter of timing and that it looks like we’re  simply going to be the last cab off the rank for the GFC.

Click through my GFC presentation here.

Melbourne Town Hall
Melbourne Town Hall