The farce of another Australian federal budget will take place on Tuesday night.

Following the budget:-

–          Some people with kids at school will receive a handout to help spending happen.

–          Education will remain desperately short of adequate funding.

–          Public health will remain desperately short of adequate funding.

–          Infrastructure will remain desperately short of adequate funding.

–          Businesses failure and unemployment will accelerate.

–          Taxation will remain unreformed along the lines recommended by The Henry Tax Review.


Greedy billionaires will be allowed to continue plundering, hand over fist, the one-third of the economy that is Australia’s economic rent – the publicly-generated rent of our land and natural resources.

That’s because they’re powerful and well-connected, and we, the 99.9%, are stupid.

Economic collapse will proceed apace because the tax regime continues to reward rent-seeking.

Here’s Britain’s Ann Pettifor breezily exposing banks to be our biggest rent-seekers.

Tell politicians to stop doing the bidding of these parasites.


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